Les groupes des Bals du Mois

Dancing Feet Ceilidh band

If you are looking for a ceilidh band with energy and enthusiasm to fill your dance floor then you have come to the right place!

When Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band are unleashed, you are in for a night of wild dancing and intoxicating music.

They’ve taken the music back to its roots and breathed new life into it with a unique lineup of fiddle, pipes, flute, sax, guitar, and bodhran.

Il existe aussi une formule duo avec Kate Badcock and Roddy Johnston

Ce groupe a joué :

sam. 27 févr. 2016 Grèzes

Organisateur : Tête de Truc

20:30 Atelier Ceilidh

22:15 Bal

sam. 21 mars 2015 Chirac

Organisateur : Voilà

21:30 Bal